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1 ON 1 Addictions Counseling for Athletes is a Florida-based company that offers innovative and uniquely personalized treatment methods, that identifies and treats all types of addictions which often have a veiled existence in the high pressure "winning is the only thing" world of elite junior players, college and professional athletes. What makes 1 ON 1 Addictions Counseling for Athletes unique is that it guarantees confidentiality, anonymity, and understanding by working exclusively with a certified addiction specialist who has had experience as an elite junior, college, and professional tennis player.

There is another often overlooked athlete that goes through major emotional distress and that is the athlete considering retirement or that has already retired. Coming to terms with retirement, in the athlete's mind losing his identity, can lead to the need to escape by using substances or turning to self-destructive behaviors.

There is help, but this is not something one can do alone. 1 ON 1 will work together with you throughout the assessment, treatment, and maintenance process.


1 ON 1's philosophy finds educating athletes at every level of development is key in the athlete's self-awareness which can help avoid potential damaging habits. Presentations on the effects of addiction are available for college sports teams, academies, camps, tournaments, and more.

Confidentiality is guaranteed!

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Addictions counseling
for athletes.

  • alcohol
  • steroids
  • cocaine
  • prescription drugs
  • marijuana
  • methamphetamines

  • eating disorders
  • gambling
  • Internet
  • video games
  • uncontrolled spending
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